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Xian SF - Mark Teo Photography!

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When talking about Street Fighter at a competitive level, we have to mention EVO tournament champions. Last year the main event was claimed by Luffy and his unique Rose, but today we will not talk about it (perhaps on another occasion). Let’s take a step one year back, where the tournament was ran on Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (Version 2012). It was there that a boy from Singapore named Ho Kun Xian came to “steal the show”.

Today Xian is 23 years old and his sponsor is nothing more and nothing less than Razor Inc. Debuting in the competitive scene in 2009 at DreamHack Winter where he reached 2nd place. Then later, on 2013, he was when he was crowned  EVO 2013 champion (and CEO as well). Xian and his main character Gen maintain a high level of competitive wherever he makes presence.

EVO 2013 Champion, USF4’s Best Gen in the world, from Singapore, let’s meet a little bit about the one and only Xian.

Info-Gamers: Hi Xian, please present yourself to our hispanic gaming community and to those fellas that do not follow FGC up close.

XianHi guys I am Xian , I am professional fighting game player sponsored by Razer. I playing fighting game competitively.

Info-GamersWhen did you first notice that you were good at Fighting games?

XianI know it when I am very young , about 10 years old. But I didn’t thought I would actually be as good as international level.


Info-GamersHow does it feel traveling the world, representing your country in the FGC scene?

XianIt feels great to be presenting my country , I love traveling a lot and being able to put Singapore on the world map makes me feel really proud!

Info-GamersWhich has been your biggest achievement besides EVO 2013?

XianGetting 2nd place twice in Capcom Cup 2013 and 2014? Both my biggest salty feeling lol

Info-GamersWhich is your biggest rival? That person when you get into the stage with and say, “man, I need to beat this”.

XianIt changes all the time .. Sako Fuudo Tokido Momochi Daigo Gamerbee and many more has been part of it sometime here and there.

Info-GamersPuerto Rico is having the biggest FGC event of the Caribbean. Persons like Justing Wong, PR Balrog and others players are coming? Would you like to compete in a Latin-American tournament?

XianMaybe not these year , Premium events and CPTA events is already alot of tournament for me this year, so I don’t think I will still go somewhere that far.

Info-Gamers: Thanks for your time. Any shoutouts or social media our followers can get to know more about you and your amazing skills.

XianShoutouts to Razer for being such an amazing sponsor, you can reach out to me on my Twitter or Facebook fanpage. both are xianmsg

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